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Success Through Experience

We are providing customized solutions combining communication and documentation devices and personal protective equipment for police, customs, military, emergency services personnel – at sea, in the air and on land. For the crews on oil rigs and offshore wind farms, fisheries protection, environmental organizations, shipyards, waterways authorities, mountain rescue and of course professional water sports

Your Demand

We are offering civil and ballistic safety helmets, especially for applications in marine and airborne environments, with a variety of combination and design options, bespoke waterproof communication and camera solutions and additionally man overboard systems as well as ballistic and non-ballistic personal protective equipment. The waterproof, shock- and vibration-proof modification of standard equipment is also part of our portfolio.

Our Offer

We have both the products and decades of experience to be your first point of contact for an effective and safe work environment at sea, air or land. We are offering a one-stop bespoke solution for your demand, from analysis, validation, development, to implementation. We are also offering installation, maintenance and of course upgrading of existing systems.

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